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Micho Adult Cat Food, Chicken Flavor 3kg


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Micho Adult Cat Food, Chicken Flavor 3kg

“Micho Adult Cat is formulated by professional pet food nutritionists and is produced by extruder technology to maximise its quality.

This gentle cooking process ensures that your cat’s obtains all the nutrients that it needs every day from the food.

Micho Adult Cat contains carefully selected ingredients, with an optimum balance of nutritional value, and particular attention has been paid to ingredients that support renal health and provide optimal digestion.

Dehydrated Poultry Meat (Chicken Meat Flour) obtained from chickens fed with natural foods and collected daily by means of chilled chicken.

The perfect taste of anchovy oil, the indispensable taste of Turkish cuisines, the natural corn produced in our own land without the use of Baldo rice and pesticides.

IngredientsDried Chicken Protein (37%), Baldo Rice, Corn, Refined Chicken Oil, Peas, Anchovy Flour (6%), Shrimp Flour, Beer Yeast, Anchovy Oil, Nucleotide Yeast Protein, Minerals, Prebiotic Mannan Oligo Saccharides. 

✓ Turkey’s best-selling cat food Micho is one of our most successful and popular food. This success is due to the high attractiveness of the cats, the freshness of the milk and the high chicken content.

✓ Micho is formulated for all adult cats to ensure a good body condition and to meet all nutritional requirements. At the same time, the ratio of taurine, an essential nutrient, has been increased to ensure healthy nervous system development.

✓ It has the necessary cellulose values to facilitate the removal of the hair balls.

✓ In order to reduce the risk of problems related to urinary system such as stone and crystal formation, care was taken to balance the pH and mineral content.

✓ Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium levels are perfectly tuned to support the strong development of bones and teeth, to prevent urinary tract and kidney problems.

✓ With its content, Micho can certainly be classified as a super premium in Europe, and its price is far below the equivalent of other equivalent foods thanks to its direct sales advantage.

✓ Micho packages have been chosen for maximum protection of the freshness of the food. After the air inside the package is taken by vacuuming system, the package mouth is closed by heat treatment and after each use, zipper system is used to cut the contact of the food with air.

✓ Each time you take the food from inside the package, closing the zipper by removing the air inside the package will help you maintain the freshness of the food for a longer period of time


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